This past Thursday, April 28th, our young people (and workers) teamed up with various youth groups across Carteret County for the Converge Olympics. There were probably close to eighty young people in attendance and maybe twenty workers. It was awesome!

The day began with loads of fun in the gaga ball pit and some carpet ball fun while the young people poured in. After a bit of meet-and-greet time, the young people were divided into groups of four or five. Each team was then sent to different stations. We had everything from the water balloon toss, 50-Yard-Dash, Basketball, Frisbee Football and more.

As the day wore on, we played a Kick-ball Tournament, enjoyed a delicious dinner and gave out lots of prizes to the teams who won first place, second place and third place. After 30 to 45 minutes of free time, we meet down by the water for a time of worship. Our very own Emerge Student Praise Band led in worship and did fantastic. They were so anointed. Pastor Joe of One Habor Church in Beaufort led a discussion panel with a student from each youth group representing. That was inspiring and so uplifting. Then he shared a message about the power of unity. It was amazing!

As the evening drew to a close, none of the young people wanted to leave. Games continued in the gaga ball pit and around the carpet ball areas. Many of the students expressed their desire to do activities like this more often. I think they’ll get their wish.