There’s nothing quite like a night on the town, especially with the Women of Harvest. What can I say, these ladies are the best! No matter what we do, we always have a blast. This past Friday, September 9, we met at MacDaddys in Cape Carteret to eat. Then, after a couple hours talking and laughing over each other’s hilarious snapchat photos, we walked over to the Golfin’ Dolphin for a round of putt putt. It was Game On!

The competition was fierce. As the cool ocean breeze blew, we struggled to aim for the small hole at the end of the green. From time to time, we attempted to swing in the dark, with only the flash light from a cell phone to guide our way. I’m not sure what the deal was, but some of the lights were off in the park. It made the game more difficult, but more fun at the same time. We joked about needing glow in the dark balls.

We had so much fun! There were ten of us playing, using two cards, but playing as one. Sure it made the game longer, but more fun. We took turns, playing youngest to the oldest, even skipped a few holes, because it wasn’t about who won or lost in the end. We were out there to have a good time. It was our night to relax, have fun and laugh.