This past weekend, July 10-12, we set sail with the Adventure Bay crew for several Bible adventures. Though all inspired and captivated the children, I think everyone’s favorite was the belly of the great fish. What a lesson Jonah had to learn about being obedient to God and forgiving others.

On the last day, our Sunday Celebration, the Adventure Bay crew found the treasure they had searched for all weekend. It was the Pearl of Great Price. Shriver the Diver was relentless in the search, following Captain Misery’s treasure map, and her efforts paid off. Everyone was so excited, but I don’t think there was a dry eye in the building when Captain Misery made the life-changing decision to accept Christ as Lord of his life. Oh what a wonderful time!

Afterward, the children couldn’t wait to take pictures with Captain Misery and all their favorite Adventure Bay characters. But the celebration fun was just getting started. As we made our way outside, everyone stood by with grand anticipation to discover who had raised the most money for the weekend. Was it the boys or the girls? Who would get the pie in the face, Captain Misery or Captain Rachel?

The time had come, it was pie or be pied. Then it happened, Captain Rachel took one to the face. The boys had claimed their victory. But wait, Coco sends a pie right into Captain Misery’s face. It would seem both the boys and the girl’s teams had won, and rightfully so. All money raised during vacation bible school went to our Harvest Helps fund to help families in need.

As we enjoyed deliciously grilled hotdogs and chips, the warm summer’s day made great for all our water games. Though VBS was coming to an end, we’d made memories that’ll last a lifetime and stirred up high expectations for next year.