Steps in the Ministerial Credentialing Process

  1. Counsel with the Pastor regarding your interest in becoming a credentialed minister.
  2. Submit the New Minister Application (obtain from Pastor)
    • Include check for $100 payable to Church of God for background check
    • Every line on the application must have an answer, applicable or not (N/A)
  3. Complete the CAMS – Complete the Calling And Ministry Studies – Program
    • CAMS program is once a year
    • Orientation is in October, then there are 4 seminars (spouse must attend)¬† January, February, March or April depending on Easter & May
    • CAMS is held at the New Bern Church of God
  4. Pass the Exhorter Exam
  5. Submit the Ordained Minister and Ministerial Internship  Program (MIP) Application
  6. Complete the MIP
  7. Pass the Ordained Minister Exam
  8. Submit the Ordained Bishop Application
  9. Pass the Ordained Bishop Exam